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JewelScent Ring Reveal - Island Margarita Candle!.




JewelScent (Candles with Jewelry inside!): 15% off promo codes: 15OFF, FIRST15, or WELCOME JewelScent offers a variety of products with rings hidden inside. You can order candles, body scrubs, hand soap, scented beads, and more products coming soon! You are able to select your ring size which is a big plus. Not all companies offer that option. JewelScent recently increased the minimum value of their rings, no more $10 rings! JewelScent Ring Collection Video: Other Ring Reveal Videos: JewelScent Ring Reveal Play List: Diamond Candle Ring Reveal Play List: Fragrant Jewels Ring Reveal Play List: Pearl Bath Bombs Ring Reveal Play List: Charmed Aroma Ring Reveal Play List: *Post may contain affiliate links