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Platinum vs. White Gold | The Diamond Pro Guide.




Our Top Recommended Vendors: James Allen: Blue Nile: Contact us if you have any more questions about platinum vs. white gold: Are you stuck between choosing platinum vs white gold? Do you want to know if platinum is better than gold? This video details the differences between the two and why we recommend choosing white gold over platinum. When buying a piece of jewelry, particularly an engagement ring, you can sometimes be shocked by the difference in price between two seemingly identical diamond rings. The choice of precious metal such as platinum vs white gold is a possible cause of this price discrepancy. You can read our article about various precious metals including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold here: We recommend white gold over platinum so you can dedicate more of your budget to buying the perfect diamond. The choice between platinum and white gold for us is clear because the metals are identical to the naked eye, only the chemical composition differs. With white gold you can choose between 14 karat and 18 karat, which are comprised of 58.3% and 75% yellow gold, respectively. White gold contains a mix of other durable metals like nickel, zinc, copper and rhodium plating. The rhodium plating can deteriorate over time exposing the yellow gold base which will require the metal to be dipped by a jeweler. Platinum is a pure white metal, which can be a great, although expensive, alternative for people with nickel and other metal allergies. Don’t forget to subscribe now and watch more videos from the Diamond Pro: